NotionReads - the ultimate Notion book tracker

Robbie Bouschery
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Your books now live
right inside of Notion.

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NotionReads lets you manage and track all of your books, reading lists, and notes.
Natively inside of Notion. Without any manual data entry.

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Keep your digital bookshelf organized

NotionReads is the ultimate Notion template to help you organize all of your bookshelves digitally.

You love to read.
And you probably like to keep things organized: Always have an overview over the books you've read, track your progress on current reads, and plan what to read next.

All of this can be possible in Notion. Maybe you've even tried working with a Reading Journal template before.

But probably you've noticed, that it's a burden to get all of your books into Notion. It takes a lot of time and effort to copy and paste all of the book's information: author, page count, cover image, etc. into your Notion database.

That's where NotionReads comes to the rescue. It gives you a fully-fledged book search, natively integrated into a beautiful Notion template. This way, you can find any book in the world and add it to your digital bookshelf with all of its data with a single click.

Features - One template to rule them all

🪄 Automagically add your books

No more manual data entry. With NotionReads you have access to over 100 million titles. Add any book and all of its data to your Notion with one click.

↪️ Import from Goodreads in seconds

Import all of your books, reading lists, and ratings from Goodreads with the click of a button!

🎨 Presets & Customization

NotionReads looks and works great out of the box, but you can simply customize it to your liking with all of the tools that Notion has to offer.

📓 Organize notes & highlights

NotionReads comes with a built-in note-taking feature. Save highlights, notes, quotes, and more and easily find them later.

📱 Works on any device and screen size

Whether you prefer to work with Notion on your phone, your tablet or in the web app, your bookshelves will look great on any device.

🎯 Track your reading goals

With the built-in progress tracker, you can track your reading goals and stay motivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does NotionReads work?
NotionReads is a Notion template with an app embed that you can duplicate into your own Notion workspace. Check out the full Set-Up Instructions here.

Does NotionReads work with the Notion Free Plan?
Yes. NotionReads works with Notion's free Personal Plan.

How much does NotionReads cost?
NotionReads is a template that you purchase for $49 (+ tax if applicable).

Is NotionReads a subscription?
No. It's a one-time purchase without any running costs.

How many books can I add?
There's no limit to the number of books you can add to your digital bookshelves.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes. If you're not happy with NotionReads and contact me within 7 days of your purchase, you will get a full refund.

Who is behind NotionReads?
NotionReads was built by Robbie Bouschery. I'm a solopreneur and Indie Maker and have created this to “scratch my own itch”. Say hi on Twitter!

Where can I get help?
Check out the help center here or email me if you need further assistance.

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NotionReads - the ultimate Notion book tracker

6 ratings
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